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Body Powder

naturalpowder.jpgPure & Dry Body Powders

Contains no talc, zinc oxide or aluminum! Relieves sensitive, dry or oily skin. Heals blemishes and inflammation. Feels pure, natural, mild, gentle, dry and light.

The base of ingredients that we use for all our body powders includes:

Kaolin Clay... one of the purest of all clays. Its Natural adsorbent properties (the opposite of absorbent, this draws out toxins and impurities, but does not draw out natural oils from the skin. This disinfectant clay increases circulation and removes dead skin cells, so is good for all skin types, including dry skin.

Cornstarch... absorbs moisture off damp clothing items like athletic shoes and t-shirts. We use 100% pure cornstarch to offer improved oil and moisture absorbency. Of course, because of its botanical nature, cornstarch is safe for topical use in body powder products.

Arrowroot powder... helps to soothe the skin, much like aloe vera. This botanical imparts a light and fluffy texture to our body powders.

Lavender Hydrosol benefits every skin type. This precious plant regenerates, cools, and heals damaged or fragile skin. Its cellular regenerative properties allows this hydrosol to help chafed areas of the skin; likewise it is perfect for conditions such as athletes foot and other fungal infections.

Why to Avoid Body Products with Talc...