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Facial Treatment

facial-treatment.jpgOur facial treatments are effective for both delicate or troubled skin tissues. We carefully research and test a wide variety of oils, botanicals, and other pure and natural ingredients to come up with each specific product.

It is important to use the products not only on your face, but your neck and chest. Unless otherwise noted, the products are effective for all types of skin.

We offer you a complete line of facial treatment products -- a nourishing facial mask will soon available!

I highly recommend a twice daily routine (morning and nightime) of washing with one of our natural soaps, spritzing your face with the Woman's Toning hydrosol or the Blemish Control hydrosol. While still wet, apply the Younger Skin face serum or the Smoother Skin face serum, depending on your type of skin.

The wetness from the hydrosol on the face will enhance full absorption of the serum, creating a very light lotion-like application.

If you want an extra luxurious feeling, use one of our natural moisturizers just before your make-up application.

Remember to take either the woman's toner, the rose, or sandalwood hydrosol, to use throughout the day whenever you feel your face tiring from work, indoor lights, fatigue or sun exposure. The rose and sandalwood hydrosols will offer your skin an additional dewy moist feeling and appearance!

I also recommend using the Renewal Facial Scrub or the Repairing Facial Scrub 1 or 2 times a week before your hydrosol and serum treatment for deep cleansing, exfoliation, and added skin nutrition.

Our facial treatments come in 2 ounce cobalt blue glass hydrosol mist bottles, 1 ounce amber glass serum bottles, and 4 ounce plastic facial scrub jars.

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