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Inner Balance Aromatherapy

taichi.pngInner Balance Aromatherapy

Qi Elemental Mists and Body Oils





Scott White, owner of QiGong & Tai Chi Utah incorporated the wisdom that is inherent in  all Tai Chi & Qigong practices into unique, patented aromatherapy formulas. The amazingly powerful  formulas are  created, produced and distributed by The Creekside Creations. These ancient formulas are based on the 5 Elements of:


You do not have to be a practitioner of Tai Chi or Qi Gong to benefit from these incredible products! Use them in your daily meditations to create a healing ambiance. Enjoy and heal using the unique aromatherapy blends during challenging emotional or physical times by simply spraying the mists near and around you or by rubbing the body oils into your pulse points, chakras, or any muscles or  areas where you hold stress, and on your muscles before a physical workout. Spray the mists and rub the oils each day to help achieve a sense of well-being. These products serve as an addition to any work-out, walk, or during stressful days or times of personal development. 

Scott White (owner of Tai Chi & Qi Gong Utah) and Caryn Summers (from the Creekside Creations) integrated the elements with their corresponding: physical organs, seasons, directions, emotions, developmental tasks and colors.




Each of these products are packaged with a comprehensive informational card that explains the formulas, intentions and usage recommendations for both the Mist and the Body Oil.



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