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Pet Products

petproductsimage.jpgThe majority of the products that we use in our home and on our hair and skin are natural. So, why should the products that we use on our pets be any different?

Our new pet care product line promotes all natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products for a variety of problems and for simple hygiene when caring for your pet.

As a rule, if we as consumers do not use a product on ourselves, then we should not use it on our pets. We have all seen or heard of products (i.e. insect repellant) sold for animals that require humans to wear gloves to protect themselves while applying it on your pet! If you cannot touch it because it is toxic to humans, then why would you put it on your pet?

Animals are very sensitive to smell and essential oils and herbal tinctures are often too strong to use with our four-legged family members. Our Hydrosols are more subtle than their component essential oil, and are water-based. You can put them in your pets' drinking water, spray them on their faces (they love the taste!), or rub them into the skin or on a wound without any irritation (unless your pet has an allergy to the plant itself). They can even be used safely on cats, where essential oils cannot (cats do not process essential oils like other animals because of the functionality of their livers).

Our pet hydrosols come in 2 ounce cobalt blue hydrosol mist spray bottles, or a more cost-effective 4-oz. refill.