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The Creekside Creations is committed to using nature’s offerings to create products that heal the body, mind and spirit.  

The products include natural soaps, body scrubs, moisturizers, sun protection products, lip balm, hair care products, massage oils, perfumes, aftershaves, and mosquito repellent. Also included in the extensive list of health-minded contributions are sun protection products, ointments for muscle pain and congestion, aromatherapy oils and non-toxic household cleaners.

Each product is made from pure therapeutic grade essential oils and other natural oils, as well as herbs grown in organic gardens or harvested from the wild. 

“The two most efficient methods of obtaining vitamins and nutrients are through absorption (through the skin) and inhalation (by breathing),” Caryn Summers, R.N.,  attests. “These two methods are better than digestion because they do not compete with the acids in our stomachs or the foods we eat to be useful. In fact, the skin is actually our largest organ.” The pure essential oils  used in the products contain properties that soften skin, relax tension, reduce inflammation, augment healing, or provide other health-promoting qualities.

The Creekside Creations  products contain no animal products or synthetic chemicals, preferring nature’s natural colors and scents to possibly harmful additives. These natural qualities include nutrients from the flowers, seeds, roots and stems of botanicals, as well as pure essential oils (such as lavender, basil, clove, geranium, orange, thyme, chamomile, rosewood, tea tree, and ylang ylang) with healing properties; blended with health-promoting organic oils such as Shea Butter from West Africa (purchased directly through fair trade arrangements); cocoa butter; primrose, avocado, castor, sweet almond, coconut, palm, wheat germ, olive, flax seed, kukui and macadamia nut, grapeseed, and sesame oils.

Free Gift Wrapping!

Is your order a gift? We are happy to make your package special for the special person you are buying for!

Please check the box that indicates this is a gift and make sure you put the recipients’ address in the shipping address.

Under the comments section at check out, please let us know how you would like your card to read and we’ll include a hand-written personalized message!

Also, we’ll wrap each product attractively in green tissue, tied with a natural raffia bow!

We will make sure to exclude the prices on the copy of the shipping contents as well.

And of course, we will include a few extra pretty freebie samples to your thoughtful gift!