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The Informed Consumer

bridge-on-the-stream.jpgAs a Registered Nurse, a Mother, a Woman who has a chronic illness (multiple sclerosis), and a person passionate about our environment and sustainability, I read everything I can find on the benefits of natural foods and products. A “natural product” is one that relies upon only ingredients found in nature for its healing qualities.

It is essential that only pure vegetable and plant oils be used to add nutrition and other therapeutic benefits to our bodies. When buying personal care or cleaning products, it is important to look for natural or organic ingredients that care for our bodies as well as the environment we live in.

Look for products made with pure essential oils (instead of artificial fragrances) and botanicals that are either organically grown or wild crafted from nature using methods that sustain nature’s ecology.

Make sure that the product is made with natural carrier oils. These oils dilute the potent essential oils and help specific nutrients and moisturizers to be carried across the skin barrier and into the body. The natural non-toxic ingredients work to restore energy, revitalize the skin and hair, promote peace of mind, clean and disinfect the body and preserve the environment.

Enjoy these articles for more information:

I present this information not to scare or alarm the reader. I believe that the informed consumer inherits the power to choose what she/he introduces into the body and the environment. The adage “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” does not apply when it comes to what we put on our skin, inhale, or ingest.
When speaking at workshops on natural skin care and aromatherapy, I am impressed with comments such as “But I’m addicted to dryer sheets (or lip balm)!” The body can adapt to many chemicals, even causing symptoms of withdrawal when they are not present. Other comments such as “I can’t believe the industry is getting away with this!” reveals just how powerful chemical and petroleum companies are, and how important it is for us to do our own research rather than depend on convincing commercials and alluring ads.

Natural and organic personal and household products are delightful to use and you can relax in the knowledge that you and your family are not supporting a misleading and powerfully artificial industry. The benefits to the body’s health and to the Earth’s ecology are numerous. It takes a bit of time to read labels, ask questions, and read articles. The education derived will contribute to the well being of many generations to follow.

In the spirit of health and nature,

Caryn Summers, R.N.
Wildcrafter & Creator for The Creekside Creations